Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last night love

The truth is I stopped talking to you not because I don't ever like you anymore but I just give you more space and time to change. Pretty change to become the new one and the new for me. And now I know it was hard for you to change,maybe you feel better in the old you or maybe you feel pretty great to just be like that way. So,I accept that and come to the reality that we are never ever getting back together.

I wish I could erase all those memories from my mind 

I keep myself busy with things to do and keep myself strong without you. I can't lie but sometimes,i miss you. But I will not make the same mistakes that you did because you knew I love you and you broke my heart anyway. Now,I tell people that I hate you even I know I could never hate you but I want to.I wanted you to chase and fight for me but you just stay there without doing anything. So,i'll make a move because you just a chapter in the past and please don't ever come again cause I don't to play this game anymore.Just go.

Don't lie and be mature dude and you will find your dream girl out there.
Just do that because you just perfect but you will be much perfect without that kind of attitude. Believed me. And now my heart finally said "enough is enough" :) Move on and stay strong. And please stop talking about the new guy in my life because I don't have any. I won't give my heart to the wrong guy again because I got my lesson from loving you.
Take care and goodbye. I miss you,Kuala Lumpur :)


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